Exotic Bird Show Offers & Coupon Codes – April 2024

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Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets: Creek Park Exotic Bird Show | Headout Best Values

Experience the beauty and grace of exotic birds from all around the world at the Dubai Dolphinarium’s Exotic Birds show.
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Exotic Bird Show – Dubai Dolphinarium | Platinumlist Best Values

Witness an exciting bird show featuring some of the most beautiful bird species in the world.
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Exotic Bird Show Tickets – Dubai Dolphinarium | Rayna Tours Best Values

Instant Confirmation | Mobile Voucher Accepted | Free Cancellation 24 hours Prior
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Tickets for Dubai Dolphinarium: Creek Park Exotic Bird Show | Tiqets Best Values

See a brilliant bird show inside Dubai Dolphinarium
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At the Dubai Dolphinarium, you’ll be treated to a fantastic bird show, during which intelligent exotic birds will wow you by executing a variety of entertaining and exciting antics for the audience.

At the Creek Park Exotic Bird Show, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with some of the most stunning and intelligent birds you’ve ever seen. During the exciting performance that lasts for thirty minutes, guests get to see a variety of fascinating animals, such as the Amazon Parrot.

While you’re being wowed by a live presentation in which birds take center stage, you may expand your understanding of these fascinating creatures. A fun and informative glimpse into the life of some of the park’s most fascinating feathered residents may be had by purchasing tickets to the Creek Park Exotic Bird Show at the Dubai Dolphinarium.

Discover a cockatoo with creative talent who paints, a macaw with intelligence who can play basketball and raise a flag, and an African grey parrot with a talkative personality! During the course of your adventure, you will get the opportunity to view a variety of exotic birds, some of which include a sun conure, an Amazon parrot, and an eclectus parrot, in addition to many other wonderful species.

Additional details
Every participant is required to have a NOL card. To access Creek Park, it must have a credit of at least AED5 (for each person) (this charge is made by Dubai Municipality and is non-negotiable).
In the event that you do not own a NOL card, you will be able to purchase one at the entrance.

Where to find directions:

The Dubai Dolphinarium may be reached quickly and simply in a car thanks to its location in Creek Park, which is conveniently accessible. You won’t be charged anything to park the vehicle in any of the allocated spaces.

Through the use of public transportation: The Dolphinarium can be reached with relative ease through the use of public transit. You can exit the metro at the Dubai Healthcare City station and reach your destination on foot in a few minutes. The station is located near the Dubai Healthcare City hospital.

You can easily reach the dolphinarium by taking a cab from any location in Dubai. Taxis are readily available across the city. Because it is such a common place to visit, the vast majority of taxi drivers will be acquainted with the area.

Frequently asked questions about the Bird Show

How can we get the greatest price on tickets to the Bird Show?

Visit reputable coupon websites such as Cheapticket.ae, where the coupons and vouchers are confirmed by the merchant and regularly checked for their validity status, in order to obtain the greatest deal possible on Bird Show tickets.

Where Can I Find Discounts To The Bird Show?

You can save money on your orders by using the exclusive discount codes that are provided to you by CheapTicket.ae. Simply scroll down the page to find free coupons that are one hundred percent authentic for the Bird Show.

Where do I purchase tickets for the Bird show at Dubai Dolphinarium?

You can purchase tickets for the bird show that takes place at Creek park’s dolphinarium at 12:15, 3:15, and 7:15 in the afternoon on their website.

How much are tickets to the Exotic Bird Show in Dubai?

The Exotic Bird Show in Dubai has ticket prices that start at 27 AED.

Do you allow guests to bring their own food into the Bird Show?

In order to maintain a tidy environment, food brought in from outside is not permitted. However, there is a restaurant on the premises where you can get more drinks.

How Do I Contact the Customer Support Team at Bird Show?

You may get in touch with the support staff at Bird Show by Calling 04 336 9773 Or Email to [email protected]

How To Reach Bird Show in Dubai Creek

Located in: Dubai Dolphinarium Building – Street – Dubai

Phone: 04 336 9773

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