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Explore Season 9’s dazzling lights, fresh experiences, and enhanced attractions!
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Dubai Garden Glow is the world’s largest unique theme park with unusual, never-before-seen concepts

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Explore a dazzling array of vibrant, creative light installation displays at Dubai Garden Glow

Symphony of Radiant Light and Color: Our master craftspeople and designers have painstakingly produced a magnificent symphony of lights and colors that will leave visitors in awe of their incredible artistry. You should get ready to be mesmerized as you make your way through a series of magnificent displays that demonstrate how art and technology can be seamlessly combined.

At Garden Glow, we think that life should be filled with unforgettable moments, and we work hard to make that happen. The ninth season provides a wide variety of new activities that are appropriate for guests of all ages. There is something that will capture the interest of every person’s heart, whether it be calm and contemplative settings for relaxation or interactive installations that encourage active engagement.

Elevated Attractions: We’ve taken fan favorites from prior seasons and brought them to new heights with the addition of colorful new installations. Get ready to see well-known structures, well-known monuments, and natural wonders reinterpreted with brilliant lights and minute details. The ninth season of Garden Glow will take viewers on an exciting adventure via the enchantment of light and creativity.


  • Explore the Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, Ice Park, and Dubai Garden Glow Magic Park, the five distinct themed areas that can be found throughout the parks.
  • While taking a leisurely stroll through the park, you can look for more works of art and light that are scattered throughout the area.
  • Take a stroll through the light tunnels and have a look at some of the most incredible inventions, such as the Talking Tree, the Happy Forest, Happiness Street, and My Dubai.
  • Attend daily acrobatic performances that are sure to amaze people of all ages, particularly adults and children.

The Dubai Glow Garden at Zabeel Park is not only the most original and the largest theme park of its kind, but it is also an impeccable illustration of fine art! You will get the opportunity to marvel at the wonders that have been constructed from biodegradable materials at its Glow Park, which is a well-designed enormous garden that introduces a brand-new concept with each passing season. Join us on a journey to this amazing location, which not only ensures that you will have fun and entertainment with your family in a unique setting, but also provides a fantastic opportunity to learn new things. After all, the displays that can be seen here illuminate to the beat of its singular mission, which is to reduce the amount of carbon footprints made and to properly save the environment.

Marvel at the wondrous works that have been crafted by some of the most talented artists in the world at the exhibition titled “Art by Day and Glow by Night.” The answer is yes; the garden features thousands of breathtaking art installations that are favorable to the environment, each of which was crafted by over 500 skilled artisans from across the world. You’ll find here a variety of themed areas that are lit up with millions of energy-efficient LED lighting and packed with interesting reproductions of practically anything imaginable, including wild animals and marine creatures, as well as flowers, trees, and birds. Take a stroll through the luminous tunnels of the Glow Park and enjoy the park’s numerous must-see attractions, such as the Talking Tree, Happy Forest, Happiness Street, and My Dubai. These will provide you with more unique and exciting experiences.

Aside from these, be sure to check out its newest additions, such as Magic Park, which will leave you in awe with its mind-bending optical illusions created using exceptional 3D art installations, and Art Park, where you’ll come across the majority of the exuberant displays that are creatively finished using over 500,000 recyclable stuffs. Besides these, be sure to check out its newest additions, such as Magic Park, which will leave you in awe with its mind-bending optical illusions created In case these things aren’t enough to pique your interest, the Glow Park also features live performances by regional and international artists and acrobats, in addition to a number of fascinating spectacles, such as the Colorful World light and laser show and the Magical Nights show.

You can upgrade your Dubai Glow Garden tickets to gain access to the park’s other major attractions, such as the region’s first-of-its-kind Dinosaur Park and Ice Park, which recreates a super cool Arctic atmosphere with over 5000 tons of ice. While your ticket grants you access to the Glow Park as well as the Magic Park and the Art Park, you have the option to upgrade your tickets.


• Visit Dinosaur Park, an attraction that will transport you to the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth.
• Participate in the dazzling activities known as “Art by Day” and “Glow by Night.”
• Enjoy a one-of-a-kind form of entertainment in Dubai.

Why should I engage in this activity?
• At Dubai Glow Garden, you are in for an unforgettable and educationally enriching experience.
• Experience breathtaking artworks and displays that were crafted with a large quantity of materials that are biodegradable.
• Appreciate the uniqueness of its concept: Discover its many fascinating subcategories, such as the Happy Forest and the Happiness Street, both during the day and at night.
• Stroll through the Tunnel Vision, which is illuminated in a magnificent manner.
• Experience the thrill of these amazing acrobatic exhibitions.
• Participate in several entertaining activities at its attractions, such as the Talking Tree.

Essential Facts and Information

• It is possible that the timings for transfers will change based on the conditions of the traffic and where you are located.
• All safety precautions, both written and verbal, supplied by Dubai Garden Glow must be followed by guests at all times.
• Inside the Dubai Garden Glow, animals and pets of any kind are not permitted.
• At all times, appropriate clothes is required to be worn.
• Please make sure you use the appropriate corridors, walkways, and exits that have been designated for your usage.
• It is not allowed to bring in outside food or beverages, nor is smoking authorized.
• The doors will close to the public one hour before they officially close.

Policies on Booking and Canceling Reservations

• There will be NO CHARGES applied to any cancellations that are made at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of the tour.
• If you cancel your reservation less than 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of your tour, you will be responsible for the full amount of the reservation.
• In the event that you are entitled to a refund, the money will be transferred back to you within seven business days.

Policy on Children

• Children who are less than three years old and less than 1.2 meters tall will be regarded to be infants and will not be charged for admission.
• Children older than three years old will be treated the same as adults and pay the adult fee.


Glow park
The human construction of Glow Park and the use of handcrafted lights both contributed to its final form.
The one-of-a-kind models that are friendly to the environment have been constructed artistically and were designed with an original beauty that leaves indelible marks in the thoughts of those who see them.

Art park
Art Park produces a one-of-a-kind venue for Dubai Garden Glow to exhibit the distinctiveness and imaginations of its participants in the form of a wide variety of creations.
An overall paradise of all the colors of life is created by the eco-friendly art park’s seamless stitching of the various notes of happiness, cultural values, beliefs, and identity.

Dino-Park-Dubai-Garden Glow

Dinosaur park
Kids come in droves to see the prehistoric animals that move and roar at Dinosaur Park, which is the largest outdoor museum of its kind.
More than 120 animatronic dinosaurs will be on display as you travel through time from the beginning of the dinosaur era all the way through the three periods that followed it: the Triassic, the Jurassic, and the Cretaceous.

Ice park
Ice Park was an exhibition of handicraft, featuring miniature copies of larger-scale works in which art and nature combine to display animals.
The Ice Park is the ideal location to take in the majesty and splendor of wild animals that have been created out of ice.

Magic-Park_Dubai_Garden glow

Magic park
Over 25 entertaining exhibitions and 3D artworks that are sure to take your breath away can be found at the Magic Park, which celebrates the intersection of art and science.
The enthralling optical illusions used in the Visual Arts are gathered together in one place known as Magic Park. This is a one-of-a-kind kind of art that produces captivating optical illusions by utilizing geometric shapes.

How to reach Dubai Garden Glow?

By Metro: The closest metro station is Al Jafiliya on the Red Line, a 20-minute walk away.
By Bus: From The Dubai Mall, take line 27 to Al Jafiliya Bus Station, an 18-minute walk.

FAQ for Dubai Garden Glow?

Dubai Garden Glow attractions?

Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, Ice park, Magic park and Art park

When should you go to Dubai Garden Glow?

At night, the Dubai Garden Glow is best seen. Evening strolls across the garden let you admire the art.

Dubai Garden Glow times?

Dubai Garden Glow is open Sunday to Friday from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM and Saturday from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM. Enjoy the luminous art with friends and family here.

Dubai Garden Glow was built when?

In 2015, science and study inspired Dubai Garden Glow. Over 500 craftsmen, engineers, and architects created this brilliant wonder. They also feature two live music concerts and other entertainment to give travelers a unique experience. Kids may play and study in a separate edutainment zone. The Garden has introduced a fourth theme to attract visitors.

Can I bring food inside Dubai Garden Glow?

No. Dubai Garden Glow prohibits outside food and drink. However, there are several cuisines, refreshments, and delicious street snacks. One has pizza, hotdogs, cold drinks, and ice cream. If you become tired of sightseeing, stop for a Turkish or Lebanese snack. Energy drinks and meals enhance power instantly. Many restaurants near the Garden serve wonderful food after sightseeing.

How to get to Dubai Garden Glow?

Zabeel Park, Gate No. 6 & 7, Area B, Dubai, UAE is the location. Garden Glow’s nearest metro stop is Al Jafiliya. This metro is a 16-minute walk or cab ride away. Buses 61, C26, 32C, 10, 27, and X13 also go directly there. Private taxis can get you to Dubai Garden Glow if public transportation isn’t possible.

What’s the Dubai Garden Glow dinosaur park?

The Dubai Glow Garden dinosaur park has 120 animatronic dinosaurs—a record. It educates and entertains kids and their families about dinosaurs and prehistoric times. The dinosaur museum has skeletal models and a dinosaur lan that depicts dinosaur life. Dinosaurs like Apatosaurus, Daxiatitan, Tyrannosaurus rex, Pterosaurs, and others are shown, and visitors learn about them while having fun.

Dubai Garden Glow Map

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