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Take a tour of the largest butterfly garden in the world.

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Spend a fun-filled day with your loved ones amidst the exotic butterflies

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Visit the home of more than 15,000 butterflies spanning 45 majestic species

The Dubai Butterfly Garden, which boasts the title of “World’s Largest Covered Butterfly Garden” and is situated directly adjacent to the already established Dubai Miracle Garden, comprises of ten custom-built domes covering a total area of 6,673 square meters. Each of the domes is teeming with hundreds of gorgeous winged animals, including over 15,000 butterflies representing over 50 distinct species of butterflies that range in size and color and fly freely around the guests. You will get the opportunity to observe the metamorphosis of butterflies through all of their stages at the Dubai Butterfly Garden.

Butterfly Metamorphosis Composition


The Dubai Butterfly Garden is a true hidden gem not just of Dubai, but also of the wider United Arab Emirates and area. It is home to more than 15,000 butterflies spanning over 45 beautiful kinds of butterflies, all of which are kept in ten custom-built domes that are climate-controlled. The Dubai Butterfly Garden was conceived by the same team that created the breathtaking Dubai Miracle Garden, which is a magnificent paradise of floral beauty located right next door. The Dubai Butterfly Garden provides guests with an oasis that is filled with some of nature’s most gorgeous winged species. The garden has a constant temperature of between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius all year long, and it encompasses more than 6,673 square meters of both indoor and outdoor gardens. The garden is filled with hundreds of different types of colorful plants and flowers. Everyone, including humans, plants, and butterflies, can thrive in this climate-controlled environment to their full potential.


  • Visit the world’s largest covered butterfly garden, which spans 6,673 square meters and is home to more than 15,000 different species of butterflies.
  • Educate yourself about the life cycle of a butterfly and the process by which it developed through each stage.
  • Visit the 10 specially constructed domes that provide a secure habitat for the butterflies to live in. • The Dubai Butterfly Garden Kids Cinema will keep the younger visitors entertained.

What exactly does the ticket include?

  • Access to the Butterfly Garden
  • Elimination of the Waiting Line
  • Parking

Timing: It is open from 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening.

Important information to take into consideration before your visit

The Dubai Butterfly Garden has a dress code that allows visitors to wear comfortable clothes that is suitable for the trip. There is a strict ban on beachwear.
Age and Health Restrictions at Dubai Butterfly Garden: A trip to Dubai Butterfly Garden is appropriate for people of all ages, including nursing mothers and women who are pregnant.
Accessibility: The Dubai Butterfly Garden is accessible for persons who use wheelchairs and is a good fit for determined individuals

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the butterflies, which are the primary draw at our attraction, should pay a visit to our Educational Area. The fact that the Monarch butterfly’s wings, which can span up to just 12 centimeters, are capable of carrying it over 3,000 kilometers and reaching heights of up to 1,500 feet has awed visitors of all ages. Some of the facts and figures relating to the Monarch butterfly have caused visitors to amaze.

Explore the world’s largest covered butterfly garden, where guests are surrounded by hundreds of butterflies of many sizes and colors as they fly freely about the visitors themselves. Discover more about the lifespan of butterflies via each step of their development and have an adventure straight out of a storybook at this one-of-a-kind place.

As you make your way around the various domes, you may easily kill a couple of hours here without even realizing it. While the kids are taking a break to see a movie in our theater, they may indulge in some delectable goodies like nachos, popcorn, and gelato, and there are also fresh fruit juices available for them to drink. If the kids need a break, they can take a rest. Visit the Butterfly Museum to see breathtaking artworks that our skilled in-house artisans created using actual butterflies. These pieces of art may be seen throughout the museum. Do you want to take a unique butterfly memento home with you? There is a shop dedicated to selling items like that just next to the museum at the entry to the garden.

For the purpose of providing birthday parties that your children will never forget, we offer exclusive packages and rates. However, this location is not simply a good choice for families with children of a certain age. At Dubai Butterfly Garden, we’ve also played home to a lot of corporate events that had a lighthearted touch on them. Get in touch with our staff so that we can explain how you may organize a product launch that is significantly more memorable than the standard affair held in a hotel ballroom.

The Mohammed Bin Zayed, Umm Suqeim, and Al Khail roads all provide convenient access to the Dubai Butterfly Garden. Additionally, there is a direct bus that travels here from the Mall of the Emirates, making it simple to travel here through public transportation.

Butterfly Garden Map


The way to get there: The Butterfly Garden

By car: The Dubai Butterfly Garden is easily accessible by automobile and is situated within the Dubai Miracle Garden, both of which are located in Dubai. You won’t be charged anything to park the vehicle in the specified parking space.
By public transportation: via the use of public transportation: The garden is quite simple to reach via the use of public transportation. You can exit the metro at the Mall of the Emirates station, which is located close to the Al Barsha hotel if you are traveling by that method. After that, you should get on the 105 bus, which will take you straight to the Dubai Miracle Garden.
By taxi: You can easily reach the garden by taking a cab from any location in Dubai. Taxis are readily available across the city. Because it is such a common place to visit, the vast majority of taxi drivers will be acquainted with the area.

Dubai Butterfly Garden offline Google Map

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  • What kinds of services can you expect to receive when you visit the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

    At the Dubai Butterfly Garden, visitors can take use of specialized guided tours geared toward families, as well as wheelchair facilities that are accessible to older citizens and people with disabilities. As an additional amusement option, the park grounds provide a distinct area designated as a Kids Zone

  • Can I take a photo inside the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

    After entering the Butterfly garden, tourists are permitted to approach the live butterflies and pose for photographs with them. However, you will be required to pay certain fees in order to take high-quality photographs with the butterflies while you are within the park. Tickets to the Butterfly Garden in Dubai often include these fees and their associated costs.

  • How Can I Get in Touch with the Customer Support Team at Butterfly Garden?

    You can get in touch with the support staff at Butterfly Garden by calling 04 422 8902.