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Tickets to La Perle By Dragone | Headout Best Values

Dive into the Al Habtoor region’s first permanent show, created and produced by the world-class director, Franco Dragone! La Perle By Dragone tickets are available for purchase now!
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La Perle by Dragone at Al Habtoor City | Platinumlist Best Values

Experience an unforgettable theatrical show with spectacular performances and stunts from award-winning performers.
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La Perle By Dragone Dubai | Rayna Tours Best Values

Enjoy smooth access to the region’s first permanent water show.
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La Perle by Dragone Show Ticket in Dubai | Klook Best Values

Experience the spectacular La Perle by Dragone live show, one of the most popular live shows in the city
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Tickets for La Perle by Dragone: Live Show | Tiqets Best Values

Underwater and aerial performances in this jaw-dropping one-of-a-kind show
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If you purchase a ticket to see La Perle by Dragone, you can anticipate witnessing an unforgettable performance that features a combination of highly imaginative and heart-stopping actions, all of which are performed in, on, and even below the water. In spite of the fact that the show is heavily influenced by western culture and was modeled after both La Reve in Las Vegas and the House of Dancing Water in Macau, it manages to flawlessly capture the authentic Arabian spirit, thereby adding an extraordinary spin to the aquatic entertainment.

What Should You Expect?
Experience the first and most cutting-edge permanent aquatic show in the region.
The enviable extravaganza of theatrical shows, performances, and concerts that Dubai has to offer has already made the city famous. However, what La Perle by Dragone has in store for you is nothing short of revolutionary. In fact, it is the first of its kind anywhere in the vicinity. This show, which runs for a total of ninety minutes and was conceived of by Franco Dragone, one of the most renowned cultural artistic theater directors in the world, is the main attraction of the imposing Al Habtoor City, which is situated on the banks of the Dubai Water Canal.

Surrealism is a world to which you can transport yourself.
Be prepared to be completely astonished as a champion cast consisting of more than 60 world-class performers (from all over the world) will effortlessly engross you into the realm of mystery and adventure, with their mesmerizing acrobatic and aerial feats, perfectly devised dance sequences, and stunning costumes. Be prepared to be completely astonished as a champion cast consisting of more than 60 world-class performers (from all over the world). The fantastical elements of the show are enhanced by scintillating live music, high-end special effects, as well as the artistic use of fountains and high-quality hydraulic lifts.

Experience a Level of Aqua Theater That Cannot Be Beat
The show La Perle by Dragone is jam-packed with incredible acts and stunts that take place in or around water. It should come as no surprise that a traditional stage is not used for the performance. The action of the show takes place inside The Atrium in a one-of-a-kind aqua theater that has 1,300 seats and is filled with 2.7 million gallons of water. This provides a one-of-a-kind ability to transform the water stage into a dry platform. You can easily find a comfortable vantage point to watch the performance thanks to the seating arrangement, which is designed in the style of a theater-in-the-round.

Frequently asked questions about the La Perle by Dragone

How can we get the greatest price on tickets to the La Perle by Dragone?

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Where Can I Find Discounts To The La Perle by Dragone?

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La Perle by Dragone in Dubai?

Dubai’s La Perle aquatic show is amazing. It features 65 artists performing incredible acrobatics and aerial acts. A stunning blend of images and technology. La Perle by Dragone Dubai is a spectacular spectacle in Al Habtoor, Dubai’s center. The water-based acrobatics and performers are amazing. La Perle by Dragone has exceptional 270-degree seats. Artists demonstrate their talents for 1.5 hours. The fast-paced live show is attracting worldwide interest.

Why is La Perle By Dragone Dubai famous?

La Perle By Dragone Dubai is one of the world’s top live-performance spectacles, combining art, imagery, and technology. This show recreates Dubai’s rich culture, spectacular present, and hopeful future. The 270-degree seating gives a wide-angle view of the action in the specially-built aqua theater, allowing one to see the performers. Thus, this unique experience will satisfy your excitement and make your visit worthwhile. All age groups love this act, making it more famous than ever.

What’s La Perle By Dragone Dubai’s theater capacity?

This amazing theater can hold over 1300 people. The Dubai theatre builds an aqua stage and a 12-meter-deep pool using cutting-edge technology, unlike other live events. This theater’s 270-degree outlook gives a broader view of the performance. The stage floods and drains in seconds as artists perform underwater and aerial feats like diving from 25 meters. Even though there are lots of seats, travellers should reserve early to obtain the greatest view.

Can we do La Perle By Dragone Dubai any day?

Yes. Every day of the year, one can visit this magical activity. All shows are the same as the first day and give guests a wonderful experience without compromising number or quality.

Is La Perle By Dragone Dubai suitable for families?

Yes, of course. Visitors can bring their kids to this family-friendly venue. However, children under 2 cannot watch the show for safety concerns. They offer full goods, onsite WiFi, concierge, access to great hotels, and food and drinks on request to attract all ages.

How Do I Contact the Customer Support Team at La Perle by Dragone?

You may get in touch with the support staff at La Perle by Dragone by Calling 04 437 0001 Or Email to [email protected]

How To Reach La Perle in Dubai

Location: Al Habtoor City – 260 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai

Phone: 04 437 0001

Online Map: Click Here

Offline Map: