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Enjoy 30+ thrilling and exciting water rides and attractions perfect for all ages.

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Visit the city’s favorite water park, Wild Wadi Dubai, for a day of spills and thrills.

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Visit the city’s favorite water park, Wild Wadi Dubai, for a day of spills and thrills.

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A visit to the Wild Wadi Park in Dubai will provide you with a delightful break from the hustle and bustle of your busy life. The park is located in Jumeirah, which is one of the most posh areas of the city, and it is adjacent to the Burj Al Arab. If you are looking for an exciting yet fun-filled day out in Dubai, this is the place to go.

The fact that the park was designed around the premise of an attractive Arabian folktale in which Juha and his sailor friend Sinbad play major roles is the true jewel in the crown of this amusement destination. The park was given the World Waterpark Association Industry Innovation Awards for Outstanding Accomplishment Design and Theming because of the attention to detail and importance it placed on the construction and structure of its characters.

The inner child in you will emerge as soon as you enter this place because it has more than 25 exciting rides, the most notable of which are the Master Blaster, which is an uphill water roller coaster, the Ring Rides, which give you the option to choose between a single or double ring, the Jumeirah Sceirah, which is a free-fall water slide that stands up to a height of 33 meters, the Wipeout and Riptide rides, which are capable of producing a realistic


• The purchase of a Wild Wadi Water Park admission ticket (As per your selection)
• The ability to ride some of the world’s most exciting and daring amusement rides
• Exciting rides appropriate for all ages available
• There is a selection of food and drink available on the premises.

Exactly why should I engage in this activity?
• It is one of the water parks in Dubai that receives the most visitors.
• In the vicinity of the famous Burj Al Arab in Jumeirah may be found this hotel.
• The uniqueness of the water park’s theme, which is based on the Arabian legend of Juha, is one of the most notable aspects of the attraction.
• You can choose from about 30 different rides that are great for adrenaline seekers, families, and even children.
• Thrill seekers may get their money’s worth out of the park’s attractions and slides, which include the Jumeirah Sceirah, Master Blasters, Wipeout and Riptide FlowRider, and more.
• If you bring your children with you, they will unquestionably take pleasure in the Dhow and Lagoon as well as Juha’s Journey at the theme park.

Essential Facts and Information
• The amusement park has a large number of rides, some of which may require urgent maintenance. In the event that one or more of the rides are not functioning on a specific day, for any reason, we will not be held liable in any way, shape, or form for the situation.
• The line for guests of the Jumeirah Sceirah will be cut off 45 minutes before the official closing time of the park whenever there is a high volume of visitors.

Policies on Booking and Canceling Reservations
• In the event that Tours or Tickets are canceled after being booked, the full purchase price will be charged.

Policy on Children
• Free admission will be provided to newborns, which are defined as children who have not yet reached their second birthday.
• Children who are regarded to be children but are not yet three years old will be charged the child rate.
• Children older than three years old will be treated as adults and need to pay the adult rate.

Why Should You Go to the Wild Wadi Water Park?
The breathtaking Burj Al Arab serves as the backdrop for the Wild Wadi Water Park, which features a number of thrilling attractions and slides for guests of all ages. The Wild Wadi amusement park offers a wide variety of thrilling rides and attractions, including a play area that is suitable for children. And precisely because of it, it has quickly emerged as one of Dubai’s most sought-after vacation spots in recent years. You will have a great time at the oldest water park in Dubai, Jumeirah Sceirah, which is one of the tallest free-fall water coasters in the world, or on the Master Blaster roller coaster, which launches you almost 15 meters above the ground. Both of these attractions are sure to keep you entertained during your time there. Let’s have a look at the tickets for Wild Wadi, as well as its opening hours and anything else you need to know in order to have a holiday packed with enjoyment.

Rides on the Wild Wadi
Wild Wadi is a must-see attraction for anybody traveling to Dubai because it features more than 30 thrills in a single location. The Jumeirah Sceirah is the Middle East’s highest and fastest free-fall water slide, making it one of the most popular attractions in Wild Wadi. The Burj Surj is an equally thrilling attraction because it takes you on a roller coaster journey consisting of turns and slides before finally depositing you in a big pool. The Action River, known for its whirlpools and river rapids, is an absolute must-see for anyone who considers themselves a “adrenaline junkie.”


Action River
Thrill seekers will enjoy the action-packed ride that is Action River at Wild Wadi Waterpark. As soon as you step foot in the river, the excitement will begin: you will be propelled swiftly downstream, where you will encounter sharp turns and twists that will make your heart race as you are spun about.

Juha’s Journey
You will have a great time on Juha’s Journey, an exciting rapids ride that winds its way through the park and takes you on an experience through some dark tunnels and around some tight curves. As you navigate your way through high-speed rapids and drop down deep dips into whirling pools of water below, you will experience an exhilarating exhilaration.


Jumeirah Sceirah
The breathtaking Jumeirah Sceirah water slide can be found in Dubai’s Wild Wadi Waterpark, which is situated in a picturesque area of the city. The slide has a height of 33 meters. As soon as you launch yourself down the steep fall of the water slide, this exhilarating ride will provide you with an experience that will be full with adrenaline and excitement.

Burj Surj
The Burj Surj is one of the Wild Wadi Waterpark attractions that stands out both for its height and its level of excitement. This towering structure is 33 meters (108 feet) in height, making it one of the tallest structures in the area. The trip starts with a strenuous climb up the tower, after which passengers embark on an exhilarating journey high above the ground.


Breaker’s Bay
The Breaker’s Bay area of the Wild Wadi Waterpark is an adventurer’s paradise, catering to those in search of both fun and thrills. When you enter the ocean, you will have a one-of-a-kind experience every time since the waves range from little swells to large breaking waves. This huge beach-style pool can accommodate more than 2,000 swimmers at a time and has something to offer each and every one of them.

Tantrum Alley
At Wild Wadi Waterpark’s Tantrum Alley, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in an exciting adventure that’s sure to get your heart racing. Tantrum Alley is an aquatic river rapids attraction that will toss you into a frenzy of churning waves and jaw-dropping drops as you go down the course. It has two really large corkscrews, as well as steep drops and exciting 360-degree spins.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Frequently asked questions about Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai

How can we get the greatest price on tickets to the Wild Wadi Waterpark?

Visit reputable coupon websites such as Cheapticket.ae, where the coupons and vouchers are confirmed by the merchant and regularly checked for their validity status, in order to obtain the greatest deal possible on Wild Wadi Waterpark tickets.

Where Can I Find Discounts To The Wild Wadi Waterpark?

You can save money on your orders by using the exclusive discount codes that are provided to you by CheapTicket.ae. Simply scroll down the page to find free coupons that are one hundred percent authentic for the Wild Wadi Waterpark.

How to reach Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai?

Dubai’s Wild Wadi Waterpark situated on Jumeirah Street in front of the Burj Al Arab. Road and metro links make it accessible. There are buses from Al Ghubaiba Bus station to the waterpark. The waterpark serves Bus 8, 81, F55A, and X28. The nearest M1 metro stop is Mall of Emirates. The waterpark is 5–6 minutes via taxi from the Mall of Emirates. Walking 15 minutes from the metro station brings you to the water park.

How long is Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai?

The waterpark operates from 10 am to 6 pm. Weekends and weekdays are open. One can attend any day of the year for an amazing family gateway. Since the theme park has over 30 attractions and rides, one can arrive around 9.30 am to complete luggage inspections and other requirements before starting the rides. In bad weather, rides and slides may be canceled. Once closure time arrives, no ride is prolonged.

What food does Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai offer?

Several main eateries serve all ages. Burgers, shawarmas, fried chicken, and fries are fast food favorites. An equally healthful menu includes fruit salads and elegant sandwiches.

Can I bring food to Dubai Wild Wadi Waterpark?

Visitors cannot bring food, cold drinks, glassware, or alcohol into the waterpark. Family travelers with newborns, infants, or toddlers can pack their own food and feed them at their pleasure. Security checks all luggage. Any snack or beverage detected during a luggage check will be confiscated by employees immediately. The Wild Wadi waterpark allows women to promenade and nurse their newborns comfortably.

Does Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai have life jackets?

Yes, obviously. Towel rental locations provide free life jackets. The cyclists should ask staff for a life jacket. You can replace damaged ones. The Wild Wadi waterpark prioritizes tourist safety. They have top-notch life jackets, first-aid kits, fire extinguishers, etc. After the ride, riders should leave life jackets nearby or at the towel rental station.

How Do I Contact the Customer Support Team at Wild Wadi Waterpark?

You may get in touch with the support staff at Wild Wadi Waterpark by Calling +971 4 3665000 Or Email to [email protected]

How To Reach wild wadi waterpark in dubai

Located in: Address: Jumeirah St – opp. Burj Al Arab – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 3 – Dubai

Phone: 04 348 4444

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