Desert Safari Offers & Coupon Codes – Oct 2023

If you want a thrill, fun, and the best outdoor adventure entertainment, you’ve come to the right place. Desert Safari Dubai has all of these things and a lot more. The only way to enjoy the battle between the rising red dunes and the huge Land Cruiser is to be in it and hold on for dear life. The tour guide keeps things exciting, but you don’t have to worry. Fans of the exciting trek keep yelling and screaming for more of this action-packed adventure trip. You can go on a desert tour with your friends, family, or coworkers in Dubai’s big, beautiful desert. Sun, sand, and driving over sand dunes have been the best way to have fun for generations.

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More About Desert Safari Adventure

Desert safari is an adventure. Dubai is a mix of many things. It feels like riding a roller coaster in a huge 4×4 Land Rover. It’s about how beautiful it looks when the sun goes down over red sand dunes and a red sky. It’s the chance to try delicious food, learn about local culture and customs, and go to the Arabesque fair. In this land, you can watch artists perform. All of this is part of Dubai Desert Safari, which takes 6 hours.

Once your driver gets the car ready for your Dubai desert tour. You have time to walk around, take pictures of yourself, and enjoy the red desert. The group of land cruisers follows the boss and fights with the always changing and unpredictable sand dunes. The farther it goes up, the harder it hits. When sand hits your car window, you might feel like the car is about to flip over, but the well-trained guide moves the car in a way that keeps you safe.

As the dune bashing reaches the top of the tallest dune nearby, the group stops so that guests can take selfies with the setting sun as a romantic background. You are going to our tent, which looks like a traditional Bedouin home. Before you come into our camp, you can ride a camel or go sandboarding as part of our welcome. When you get there, you’ll be given cold drink, Arabic tea, and dates. Then there will be hot and tasty snacks to get you ready for a relaxing time at the camp. The campsite in the desert has places to do different things and a big open area. A camel ride can take you far, or you can get a henna tattoo from a local artist. If you want to smoke, you can go to our sheesha area and have free Hubbly there. You can also take a picture of yourself in a Kandura for guys or an Abaya for women to keep.

Yes! We’ll also take care of your meals. Our staff would get ready for the Arabic, Indian, and continental major courses for the barbeque dinner while our guests enjoyed these appetizers. The BBQ dinner is served as a buffet. While you serve and get settled in one of the cozy Arabic-style seats, the arena comes to life with foot-tapping music, and our beautiful belly dancer steals the show and your heart. Fire-show and Tanura dance are both lively after a charming performance. Relax, enjoy the delicious treat, and drink one more cup of Arabic coffee before getting in your car and driving back to your city. Dubai is more beautiful and lively at night, and coming back to its warm embrace will definitely make you feel better.

The art of driving a car through dunes.

The landscape of the desert is unlike any other. Sand is spread via the process as a result of the wind. Dunes are made up of the little hills of sand that are formed when sand is moved about. Some dunes are far more prominent than others. You will have the sensation that you are going on a roller coaster ride as you drive your vehicle over these dunes. This is due to the fact that the sand is rather soft and generates a very low level of friction. Because of this, the tire pressure on your car needs to be significantly lowered in order to achieve a “floating” motion. Dune bashing is a pastime that involves “floating” across sand dunes in specially designed land cruisers. Dune bashing is the primary activity that takes place during a desert safari. Dune-bashing is a thrilling activity that may be done on the expansive red desert dunes.

Quad Biking

Quads are enormous, off-road motorcycles. They are driven similarly to motorcycles and come equipped with potent motors. The distinction, however, is that this one has four wheels, as opposed to the conventional bicycles that only have two wheels. Its engine is powerful enough to navigate all of the obstacles that the desert presents. The entire GCC region is seeing a surge in popularity in the sport of quad biking. Many of the young men and boys in the community participate in this activity because it does not require a driver’s license to operate a quad in the desert. This sport is one that may be chosen as a weekend adventure activity for anyone, including visitors and locals alike. Even teenagers are permitted to operate these Quads in the vast desert areas of Dubai thanks to the stringent safety regulations imposed by the Dubai Government.

BBQ Buffet Menu – Veg & Nonveg

The most delicious BBQ buffet imaginable is included in the Dubai Desert Safari package. You won’t want to skip out on this particular spread under any circumstances. The menu for the BBQ Buffet comprises of three courses and contains sufficient and additional options for those who eat meat in addition to those who are vegetarian. The barbeque buffet is given to you in a desert camp that is totally modeled on a “local Tent,” which means that it is exactly the same as how the local Bedouins used to live or how they are still living in distant desert settlements today. On the other hand, after a thrilling ride across the dunes, all you want to do is relax and let yourself to be treated with some excellent meals. After being presented with some refreshingly cold drinks, you will be offered some tasty finger foods. As the sun continues to set, the camp lights begin to turn on, and the landscape begins to take on the appearance of an Arabesque fairy realm. The hot buffet features a variety of cuisines from around the world, including Arabic, continental, and Indian.

On the menu for the BBQ buffet are desserts that are both Asian and Arabic in origin. The entire menu is created in accordance with stringent criteria for food safety, and we routinely monitor the entire production and serving process in order to ensure that our visitors remain safe.

Different Desert Safaris Available in Dubai

We provide a variety of safaris that can be tailored to meet the needs of customers with varying amounts of time and money. You have the option of selecting a package that only includes a short safari, or if you have more time on your hands, you may also go on an Overnight Desert safari.

Morning Safari
Those guests who are pressed for time should opt for the morning safari. owing to the fact that the majority of this excursion is spent dune bashing in the desert. When our car comes to your drop step at nine in the morning to pick you up for an adventure activity that you will remember for a very long time, the Morning Desert Safari has officially begun. Within half an hour to half an hour and a half, your vehicle would reach the desert region of Al Awir after driving past the early morning excitement of Dubai. After that, you’ll begin your dune bashing. When their off-road vehicle careens down a shifting dune and then back up again in a matter of seconds, many people find it difficult to maintain their composure and hold their breath. After an exciting ride, you will be transported to our campground, where you will have the opportunity to engage in activities such as dune buggy driving and quad riding before heading back to work. The cost of the quad bike and dune buggy rides does not cover these activities, and you will need to pay extra for them.

Evening Safari
The evening desert safari is by far the most popular choice out of the three available activities. The “Meeting point” is where all of our safari vehicles will gather at exactly 5 o’clock in the evening to start this safari. While the safari guides are getting their land cruisers ready for the next part of the dune bashing adventure, you can take advantage of the time to explore the adjacent dunes, the red desert, and other lovely scenery. As soon as the cars are ready and you are onboarded with all of the necessary safety procedures, the dune bashing may begin. The steepness of the dune slopes makes climbing them and descending them an exhilarating experience that is not recommended for people with weak hearts. The cries coming from inside the truck are a clear indication of the excitement that they are feeling.

The evening safari will stop for a few short breaks so that you can participate in some of the well-known desert activities available in the area, such as sandboarding, pay a visit to a camel shelter, and take in a breathtaking sunset.

You can choose from several different activities to undertake during your evening desert safari, such as a private safari.

Private Safari
The private Desert Safari will provide you with a vehicle that is only reserved for your use. You won’t discuss this with anyone else, will you? You will have exclusive use of the Land Cruiser SUV, which has seating for seven people. We would see to it that you are handled with the utmost respect. You won’t have to wait your time to enjoy sandboarding or any of the other activities available here because there is no line. Honeymooners or anyone enjoying a special event with a date are the types of people who would enjoy this the best.

VIP seating
We have taken the time and effort to design an outstanding seating arrangement for you at our campground, which ensures that you will have a clear and unobstructed view of the entertainment. This specific seating option also comes with outstanding meal service, including the provision of a specialized waiter who will bring you whatever you request. You will be given the menu to pick from when it is shown to you. The waiter will see to it that you have all you need at all times. Both the regular and the Private Safari package provide customers the option to upgrade to the VIP seating.

Overnight Safari
Participants in the overnight safari are individuals who appreciate being immersed in natural settings and taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the night, as well as the splendor of the dawn. The evening safari is continued into the night for what is known as the overnight safari. After you have finished your meal and returned from your excursion over the dunes, you will retire to one of our tents, which has been beautifully and comfortably equipped. These tents are located within our Desert Camp and have a high level of safety due to the fact that the tent gates are closed at night. Our night attendants will ensure that all of your needs are met to your satisfaction. You will be woken up with tea or coffee in the early morning, and then you will be served a delicious meal consisting of eggs, salad, and bread that has been prepared according to your specifications. You can have as much coffee, tea, or water as you like throughout your stay here. The camp is run in accordance with all of the established protocols for health, safety, and cleanliness.