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AL Shindagha Museum – Entry Ticket | Headout Per person 30 AED

Experience the cultural side of Dubai and learn more about the city’s history at this coveted museum

Al Shindagha Museum General Admission | Platinumlist ADULT 35 AED | CHILD 20 AED

Experience the cultural side of Dubai and learn more about the city’s history at this coveted museum

Al Shindagha Museum Ticket in Dubai | Tiqets ADULT 50 AED | CHILD 20 AED

Explore the amazing heritage of Emirati culture and its origins

Al Shindagha Museum | Rayna Tours ADULT 36 AED | CHILD 36 AED

Explore the amazing heritage of Emirati culture and its origins

Your admission to the Al Shindagha Museum will allow you to completely submerge yourself in the genuine history and culture of the Emirates. Here, you will find a collection of 21 Houses that have been painstakingly restored and are brimming with the most dynamic exhibitions and activities. During your visit to this museum in the historical Dubai Creek area, you can do many things, such as retrace the steps of previous rulers of Dubai, uncover the mysteries behind the creation of Emirati perfume, sample some traditional Emirati foods and hospitality, and become familiar with the region’s fascinating trade history. These are just some of the many things you can do.

Return to Emirati History
At the Al Shindagha Museum, which is located in the Al Shindagha Historic District, each facet of Emirati history, legacy, and customs is meticulously shown across the museum’s 21 carefully managed houses or pavilions. The museum is located in a beautiful location, tucked away amid the picturesque lanes (not far from the famed Dubai Creek), and the backdrop is equally as impressive as the items that are on show. Due to all of these factors, it is one of the best possible locations to investigate the region’s cultural riches, both real and intangible.

Visit the Al Maktoum Residence, then continue on to the Perfume House and the other houses.
Two of the homes in this area that really stand out are the Al Maktoum Residence and the Perfume House. As the former home of the family that currently presides over Dubai, the Al Maktoum Residence has been preserved to serve as a time capsule of Emirati monarchy from the 19th century. At the Perfume House, you not only get the unique opportunity to learn about the significance of scents in Emirati culture, but you also have the chance to learn about the traditional technique of making perfumes and scented oils out of natural components, which is a very unusual opportunity. In addition, there are homes that are devoted to traditional activities such as traditional arts and crafts, traditional jewelry, traditional cuisine, and traditional medicine, to mention a few.

Experiences that are Cleverly Concocted Will Show You How Dubai Has Evolved
The museum narrates almost every facet of Emirati history and culture in the most immersive way possible, backed by the most cutting-edge audio-visual techniques and high-end installations. This includes the origin of Dubai’s trading industry, the diverse historic journeys, the role of oral traditions (including folklores, poetry, and music), and the influence of the region’s natural environment. Visit the houses and pavilions to get the full experience of everything on offer, especially the Children’s Pavilion, Dubai Creek Birth of City, Life on Land, and Culture of the Sea Pavilions.

Assistance in the Form of Knowledgeable Cultural Guides
When there is so much to see and take in at the museum, attempting to see everything in only a few hours might feel like an impossible task. However, the presence of pleasant and knowledgeable local guides makes it much simpler for you to uncover the museum’s most important features as well as its lesser-known treasures. Not only that, but they will also ensure that you are able to observe these exhibits while also getting an in-depth comprehension of each of them.


• The price of admission to the Al Shindagha Museum
• Gaining access to any of its 21 Houses or Pavilions
• Providing services of professionally qualified cultural guides

Why Should I go Through with This?
• After entering this educational museum, you will be able to delve into the mysterious history of the Emirates.
• Be astounded by the assortment of immersive audio-visual experiences, art pieces, pictures, and other exhibitions that are spread throughout the 21 Houses that make up the Al Shindagha Historic District.
• Visit the Al Maktoum Residence to learn about the lives of Dubai’s past rulers as well as the remarkable things they accomplished throughout their reigns.
• Visit the Perfume House to marvel at, as well as gain an in-depth understanding of, the process by which the wonderful Emirati scents are created and applied.
• Discover the unrivaled tangible and intangible legacy of the region, have a closer look at the large collection of Emirati jewelry items, and investigate the traditional healthcare system as you visit the many residences.
• In the awe-inspiring atmosphere of the Children’s Pavilion, your young children will delight in participating in an interactive storytelling session.

Essential Facts and Information
• Bring a valid picture identification document or passport with you, since you will be asked to show it when you enter the building.
• At Al Shindagha Museum, we kindly ask that you do not bring in any Food or Beverages from the outside.

Policies on Cancellations and Reservations
In the event that Tours or Tickets are canceled after they have been booked, a 100% cancellation fee will be applied.

Child Welfare Policy
• ree admission will be provided to infants and children who have not yet reached their third birthday.
• Children deemed to be of kid age and subject to the child rate are those aged 3 to 10 years old.
• After the age of 10, a child is deemed an adult and will be charged the adult rate.

Frequently asked questions for Al Shindagha Museum

How can we get the greatest price on tickets to the Al Shindagha Museum?

Visit reputable coupon websites such as, where the coupons and vouchers are confirmed by the merchant and regularly checked for their validity status, in order to obtain the greatest deal possible on Al Shindagha Museum tickets.

Where Can I Find Discounts To The Al Shindagha Museum?

You can save money on your orders by using the exclusive discount codes that are provided to you by Simply scroll down the page to find free coupons that are one hundred percent authentic for the Al Shindagha Museum.

Is advance booking required for Al Shindagha Museum?

Since Al Shindagha Museum is popular, it’s best to book ahead. You can book tickets on the venue’s website.

Metro to Al Shindagha Museum?

Al Shindagha Museum is nearest to Al Ghubaiba Metro Station on the green line in Bur Dubai, along Dubai Creek. At this point, visitors can walk 3–4 minutes to their destination.

Al Shindagha Museum admission cost?

Online Al Shindagha Museum tickets cost AED50. AED20 student tickets cover 5-24-year-olds.

Al Shindagha Museum’s location?

Al Shindagha Museum lies on Dubai Creek in Bur Dubai. Al Shindagha Museum revitalizes one of Dubai’s oldest neighborhoods and provides a unique look at the city’s rich history and rapid expansion.

How Do I Contact the Customer Support Team at Al Shindagha Museum?

You may get in touch with the support staff at Al Shindagha Museum by phoning +971 4 515 5100 Or Email to

How To Reach Al Shindagha Museum
Address: Al Shindagha, Dubai Creek area
Phone: 045 155100
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