Al Ain Zoo Offers & Coupon Codes – April 2024

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You will have the amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with native as well as exotic creatures at the Al Ain Zoo, which is located at the foot of the picturesque Jebel Hafeet Mountain. This captivating zoo, which covers an area of around 900 hectares, showcases the enticing allure and diverse plant and animal life at its most beautiful and contented state. It is home to about 4,000 animals, representing up to 200 different species of wildlife, of which more than a quarter are considered to be in danger of extinction. After all, the zoo has important ties to the San Diego Zoo as well as the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, which is one reason why it is so well respected for the role it has played in the protection of nature and various species of animals.

Experiences and Places of Interest

Meet some of the most endangered species in the world, such as the white-handed gibbon, which is on the Red List maintained by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. In addition to making the most of its green areas, cafeterias, and dedicated Kids’ Garden, you can indulge in a wide variety of wonderful activities, such as the charming Birds of Prey and Parrot performances as well as the exciting reptile encounters.

Animal feeding sessions are a beloved activity not only among children but also among adults. During these sessions, guests get the opportunity to feed and spend time with lovable animals such as penguins, giraffes, bright budgies, and other animals. In addition, you may get a feel for the zoo’s expansive and lush scenery by taking a ride on a camel or pony. Now, if you want to do something that will challenge you and leave a lasting impression, you should think about participating in a really exhilarating program such as Dinner with Lions.

Exciting Portions of the Text

Be sure to check out the zoo’s newest attraction, the Al Ain Safari. This section of the zoo includes more than 215 hectares of land and impressively recreates one of the world’s most renowned ecosystems. You’ll be able to witness the most diverse collection of native African creatures here, including the famous “Big 5,” all freely roaming in an environment that is an exact duplicate of their natural habitat. Also, get in touch with the residents who are in the most perilous situations, such as Addax. Take a 45-minute Truck Drive or a 60-minute SUV trip across the section’s wonderfully preserved animal attractions for the most realistic African safari experience possible. This ride may be done in either an SUV or a Truck.

Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre (SZDLC) is located within the zoo, which is the best part about it. In addition to achieving LEED Platinum certification, this establishment is the first of its kind in the country and has been given a five pearl rating by the Estidama Pearl Rating System. It also features five interactive galleries that take visitors on an enticing trip from the past to the present.


  • Plan a trip to the largest zoo of its sort in the country, which promises to be both educational and entertaining for the whole family.
  • A large 900-hectare site that is home to Catch and its more than 4,000 inhabitants, who collectively represent more than 200 different species.
  • Visit an environment that is reminiscent of the natural habitats of many mammals, birds, and reptiles, such as the African Wolf, Jaguar, Dama Gazelle, Red-Eared Terrapin, Nile crocodile, Chilean Flamingo, and Vulturine Guineafowl.
  • You will get the incredible opportunity to interact with some animals that are so rare that they are on the verge of extinction (according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species), such as Western Lowland Gorillas and White-Handed Gibbons.
  • Visit the zoo’s most interesting exhibits and events, such as the Cheetah Run, the Lemur Walk, the Hippo and Crocodile Exhibit, and the Wings of the Sahara Show.
  • Recharge your batteries at one of the many eateries or cafes that are located throughout the zoo.

Essential Facts and Information

  • During your time at the Al-Ain Zoo, you are required to carry with you a valid form of identification or your passport at all times.
  • The entry ticket to the Al Ain Zoo is only good for the date that you choose, and visitors are only permitted within the zoo during certain hours. For more information, visit the zoo’s website.
  • Your ticket for the Al Ain Zoo safari truck will only be valid for the time period that you choose, so make sure to schedule your trip accordingly.
  • Please be aware that bringing your own food or beverages into the zoo is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Visitors to the Al Ain Zoo are invited to take advantage of the zoo’s complimentary train excursion, which is both entertaining and educational.
  • E-tickets are only valid for the date of the tour that was reserved for them, and availability is not guaranteed.